Tristate Circuit – Weekly Edition

Section 1: General Information

Weekly events in the Tri-state area will be eligible to participate in a 3 month seasonal circuit where participating weeklies will be able to send their top 5 placing players to represent their event or brand in an invitational event. The player(s) from this event will receive a cash prize that is contributed by the participating events in the circuit. Each event that is participating will host their normal weeklies as they have been doing prior to this, but will keep track of all wins, losses, and placements for each weekly. At the end of 12 weeks, the weeklies that are in the circuit will send their top 5 highest placing players to an invitational location where the players invited will represent that weekly event. In addition, there will be a cash requirement for each participating event in the circuit where all proceeds will go to the players at the invitational. More information on this will be presented below.

Events that wish to participate will be able to apply using the form during the beginning of each season. Each event that wishes to participate will need to follow the rules and regulations presented below.

Section 2: Rules and Regulations

For Events and Organizers

All events and organizers participating in the event will set aside $1.00 per entrant, per event, up to the first 25 people (Max $25.00). This is encouraged to be at the expense of the organizer. At the end of the season, each organizer will pool everything made into one lump sum as the prize pot for each invitational. Any money made in this fashion can and will only be used for the players participating in the invitational event each season.

In order to qualify to participate:

  • Your weekly event will need to have a unique day of the week for your state. Weekly events in the same state that run on the same day will not be eligible if another weekly event from that state already exists on the circuit for the season.  
  • Your event space needs to meet basic, but quality, needs. Your event space must have functional air conditioning and heating, a functional bathroom, and must not put your participants at risk of being harmed in anyway.
  • Your event must obtain more than 15 participants on average.
  • Your event space requires enough space to fit a minimum of 40 people
  • Your event must follow the recommended rule-set that is (or will be) used for major events that will take place in North America
  • Each event must use to record bracket matches

For Players

  • Any one is eligible to participate as long as you live in the Tri-state area.
  • In order to qualify as a player for the invitational, you must obtain enough points in order to be ranked within the top 5 overall players for the weekly you are attending.
  • You are not limited to participating at only 1 weekly, however, you can only represent 1 weekly if you qualify for the invitational at multiple weeklies.

Determining Points

For the circuit, we will be using a point system that is primarily based on placement at events. Please look below for how points will be distributed.

Point distribution:


Players who qualify for the invitational can only participate by representing 1 weekly. If this situation occurs, the next highest available player will qualify from that weekly instead.

Participating weekly events are subject to change between seasons. Each weekly must reapply for eligibility after each ending season.

Current Events for this season

To view the events for this season, head over to the event link below.

Tristate Circuit Event: